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Issuance of work permit

        Who authorized holder must be Swiss or a license with a permanent residence. And those who work in places such services must be licensed for temporary residence (pass B) and licensed by the office workers and work only. Inc. who travel to Switzerland as tourists will not be.

Allowed to work. If the violation is guilty of criminal law by the Federal Republic of Switzerland as the Swiss criminal law. Inc. who travel to Switzerland or residence in Switzerland illegally. And those who support the one who traveled or live in Switzerland illegally is wrong to the highest prison incarceration for six months. The maximum fine amount 10,000 Swiss Francs who support or deliberately made to foreign travel or residence in Switzerland illegally to benefit themselves or others will receive punishment. both memory and the maximum fine of 100,000 Swiss Francs addition, foreigners who are not entitled to work in Switzerland to work is the highest fine of 5,000 Swiss Francs to the foreign one. And Swiss police have made the Thai translation of alerts operators of the site as implied sex as well as noted above. Visitors should not visit the places that tourists, especially Thai women. And if found working in the tourist service facilities that may be sent by criminals sue for breach of criminal law states Basel.