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Foreign policy

Before the year 2523 Foreign Policy of the Swiss Land 4 taken certain principles are neutral (neutrality) of water a single-minded (solidarity) is universal (universality) and is a public benefit. (availability) to come on into the era of globalization after the Cold War’s end. Inc. Switzerland has foreign policy. The emphasis on the participation. And interaction with international organizations and regional cooperation. And focus more on the social dimension, however Inc. Switzerland remains neutral on policy. The document issued White Paper on Neutrality in the year 2536, which set guidelines. That can provide access to international involvement in foreign affairs. Security and more. The policy is not contrary to any of the neutral Switzerland. Summary The primary purpose of foreign policy, Inc. Switzerland. Announced that on January 1, 2543 was as follows.

– Promoting peace and tranquility together.
– Respect for human rights and promoting democracy.
– Maintain the interests of these economic Switzerland abroad.
– Alleviate poverty in the world.
– Environmental protection.