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Labor law

Labor Law.


     General knowledge about labor law. For a residence permit in Switzerland, Inc. C. Type B and the Swiss National Parkinson party. When a problem or grievance in the workplace occurs. Regulations require. Or labor law to resolve the main issues. To accuracy and fairness to all parties. Therefore, workers should know the general.

     Labor law in the switch are divided on vocational topics. And characteristics of different types of residence permit.


Topics of interest and should know about labor law.


1. General basics.


     1.1 persons authorized to work in the switch.

          People get jobs with the Swiss and living in the switch as legitimate. To requesting a residence permit type B.. Which professionals are eligible. Subject to the laws of the state housing. The Division must apply to immigration in residential zones. When employers want to be employed. That licensees must make B or C license and requesting a stay of the employee work permit to the Immigration Division.


1.2 Career and job interviews.

     When they need to write job application letter (Bewerbungsbrief) attached with brief history of the applicant (Lebenslauf) and through the leaves (Arbeitszeugnis) is interviewed. Made it clear that law. Employers have no right set of test questions about AIDS (Aids. Test) is considered because of privacy.


1.3 Employment contract (Der. Arbeitsvertrag).

     Employment contract will specify duties. Various rights of employees and employers. The trial period. Total hours vacation pay rights. Such as social welfare payments for the elderly (AHV), disability insurance (IV) accident insurance (UV) insurance jobs (Arbeitslosgeld) and terms of employment contract cancellation (Kundigung).

Employment contract should be written. By the employer and employee sign it as evidence. If an oral agreement between the law will take effect with.


2. The work.


2.1 time trial performance (Die Probezeit).

     Time is running from the employer the ability to run experiments. This schedule will vary.


2.2 Salary (Der. Lohn) and other special revenues and cost of living. Money raising children (Kinderzulage) will vary by state. Average, approximately CHF100 -200 (which is determined by the state) cost extra money to work (Spesen) non-salary and must be agreed between an employer and employee catching easy to clear overtime payments (Ueberstunden) a special payment. employees receive from working more than the usual scheduled time. For employees who work in services. Or running a restaurant Restaurants need to learn more about working overtime with.


2.3 La mission and vacation (Ferien).

     Labor law enforcement and regulation of companies or organizations stated. Employees have the right to leave work. Leaving to work his own marriage. Leave for doctor or dentist, etc..

     For the vacation. Vacation time will be set forth clearly in the contract of employment. However, employees must notify the employer know in advance if the accident was. During vacation or sick. Must notify the employer know and have been shown to medical cards will be on leave on full compensation schedule.


2.4 cancel contract (Kundigung).

     The contract will specify condition of cancellation explain the contract. During the trial, such as ability. Cancellation within 7 days and if you want to cancel the contract after the trial period was over. Will be set foretell (Kundigungsfrist) different out.


     Important to cancel the contract must be written always. Resignation must be filed as soon as possible on the last day of the month. Sometimes employers have the right reasons and need to quit immediately can contract. If a conflict occurs between employers and employees can petition the court to workers.

     However, employees will be protected by law. Termination of employment such as during pregnancy until 16 weeks after birth or in sick leave, etc..