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Economic situation

During the century 19 – 20 is a major economic structural change any of Switzerland. Employment in the agricultural sector decreased from 60 per cent of the Year 2393 (This was in 1850) only 30 per cent in the year 2454 (This was in 1911) and since February Since 2533 (This was 1990) since workers are only 5 per cent in the agricultural sector.

Industry started to play since 2423 BC (This was in 1880) and the services sector began during the decade since the first century of economic depression in the 20 year period from 2534 to 2539 (C. Fri 1991 – 1996) as a result of stringent financial measures. Inc. of Switzerland แ own. By the economic downturns of the main partners of these countries, Switzerland.

During the year 2540 – 2542 (This was from 1997 to 1999) switch from economy continued to recover at a rate 1.8 percent per year, measures to stimulate economic growth at the Swiss National Bank. to allow the value of money Francs Suisse down nearly 10 percent, and growth conditions of the global economy. A factor that facilitates the export of Swiss Land up. At the same time, employment conditions within the country would help increase domestic consumption increased by.

Inc. Although Switzerland is a high-wage country’s third largest industry after the Danish and Norwegian. But compared to the relatively low inflation. Labor quality. Combined with relatively low social cost. Gives Switzerland has been ranked as the country with the highest competitiveness is the world’s No. 9 in 2543 year (This was 2000).

Services sector of Switzerland Inc. is hiring more than two-thirds of total employment. National income than two-thirds of the services sector. A key. Services sector manufacturers such as financial services, insurance and other real estate related revenue to a third.

* Distribution services sector such as trade, transportation and telecommunications.
* Sectors such as health, education, social services, public sector service culture. And leisure and.
* Personal services sector (personal services), such as travel services for households. And other individual services.

Industry of Swiss Land use advanced technology. Although the country is small but has many multinational companies based in Switzerland, such as food (Nestle) pharmaceutical (Novartis, Roche) Engineering (ABB) Industrial machinery, chemicals and pharmaceutical revenue from exports. most of these Switzerland. Employment sector than half the manufacturing sector in their machines. Electrical and iron. The rise of the money making industry Francs try to reduce costs by developing high quality products for more. Industrial Machinery Inc. of Switzerland is the industry best in the world. Now Switzerland is one of the country’s most affluent country in 2543 GDP per capita reached 33,464 U.S. dollars, which is the world’s third high after Japan. And the United States. Economic growth increased from 1.5 percent in the previous year is 3.4 per cent in 2 543, the highest rate in decade.

Year 2543 the Swiss economy, the highest growth since 2532 BC (This was 1989) since, as the growth of the global economy. Interest rates low. And soft currency Swiss Francs GDP in 2543 is 3.4 percent export increase is twice as imports are rising. Investment increased to 10.3 percent (compared with 9 percent the year 2542) the unemployment rate decreased from 2.7 percent to 2 percent inflation rate 1.6 percent.

Ministry of Finance reported. During the first eight months of 2001 exports increased 5 percent, valued at 88,533 million Francs and imports increased 2.4 percent, valued at 88,719 Francs be worse 90.5 million Francs. unemployment rate was 1.7 percent, which is considered low when compared with the criteria last year.