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Education Inc. in Switzerland noted. Education is the best in the world. As in Swiss Land no. Resources as other countries human resources are very important role each Cantons are responsible for education within their own territories example of teaching a second language. Some provincial instruction from some provinces began teaching grade 4 grade 7 students, etc. The Swiss will join the majority of public school education in a private school. Fees are relatively low.

Swiss education system of Kazakhstan is divided into 5 levels as follows.

Kindergarten level (Pre-School Education).
A study before school age. Generally, children will attend kindergarten from age 3 – 6 years.

Primary education (Primary Education).
Is compulsory. Children Inc. Switzerland everyone must attend primary school education at age 6 years or more of the school year in primary education varies depending on each province will mostly 6 years, some provinces classified as 4. years or 5 years.

Secondary school level (Lower Secondary Education).
Period in this study. Most of the territory held by the 3-year primary education, but some provinces may have a period of study is 4 years or 5 years depending on the level of elementary education in the coming years. But as education. Primary education. And then school. Must have total 9-year period students Inc. Switzerland. Must learn to finish secondary school. To be considered complete compulsory education. Children this age level, approximately 13 to 15 years, students who complete compulsory education was. Can choose whether the level of learning. Or school. Vocational internship. Apprenticeship.

High school (Upper Secondary Education) is divided into 2 types.

1. School of Arts (Liberal Arts School).
2. Vocational High School.

Higher Education (Tertiary Education).
Education, including vocational high.

– Higher Vocational School teaching profession are such as kindergarten teachers, business executives, etc..
– Higher Technical School of Engineering teaching profession, such as the full.

University (Universities).
Education in universities and technology institutions in general is divided into 2 levels.

1. First Degree (undergraduate) school some time called Diploma in Education 6 – 13 semester or 3 to 6.5 years (2 semester 1 year) subject to disciplines. And education required.
2. Doctorate (PhD) study period in 2 – 3 years of undergraduate. Learning in this class is a seminar, most research and thesis writing. Some education may be divided into 3 levels is Licentiate, Diploma (or Certificate) and Doctorate.