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Democratic. In the Federal Republic. (confederation) consists Province (Canton) 23 in the province of this province is divided into 3 semi province. (half-canton) 6 of the executive power within each of the provinces of central government authority is the Council of World Federation (Federal Council).
Which is equivalent to the Cabinet. Consists of members called the Council of the Alliance (Federal Councillor) 7 people.
The agenda as each time in 4 years and 7 people will be put together. President 1 each year.

Parliament in the form of central government.
Parliament of the World Federation (Federal Assembly) consisting Council 2 Council include the National Council (National Council) and the State Council (Council of States) of the National Council has 200 members who are elected by the people.
State Council has 46 members who are elected by 2 people from 20 provinces and territories 1 of 6 people from the semi-member provincial council in two locations at 4-year term.