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High potential workforce And quality of life.


  • Boosting labor And entrepreneurs Get ready for the changing situation. And in line with the development direction of the country.
  • Protection and promotion of labor security, quality of life, and quality of life.
  • Develop a Ministry to be a good governance organization.
  • Development of integrated information and communication technology To manage And service efficiency.
  • Promoting international labor cooperation

Strategic issues

  • Empowering Workers and Entrepreneurs To strengthen the economy And compete sustainably.
  • Protection and security Work safety and good quality of life.
  • International Labor Management.
  • Develop mechanisms to balance the labor market. To create a sustainable labor force.
  • Management of personnel organizations by good governance. And strengthen participation in the organization.
  • Information Technology and Development To integrate modern information into a stable.

Ministry of Labor

Ministry of Labor has a duty to manage labor. This is a very important task for the country. The relationship between dimension, security, economy and social psychology. Let all of you realize and be proud of this important obligation. Especially the current time is the time of reform. All parties must renounce the conflict, divide the party, divide the divisions, but must work together to dedicate themselves to work, race against time, to lay a firm foundation in labor. It is important to develop the country in the next phase. I wish you all the Ministry of Labor. This is a framework for working together. To develop Thai workforce to be progressive, stable and sustainable.